PBSKids "Where in The World is Hooper" DCM Performs On Set Color Grades and Transcodes.

PBSKids fun loving talking guinea pig Hooper has never looked better traveling around the world.

Digital Cave worked with Bully Entertainment and Mission Films completing the on set RED one-light grading and transcoding.  With our mobile RED Rocket setup we were able to quickly setup our gear and go to work with Director Carlson Bull, Producer Eric Blair and Director of Photography Jeff Schmale.  The best part of being mobile is Jeff just shot the scene that morning, so the time, place, and lighting are fresh in mind and making color grades was nice and refreshing.  To know that you can walk off location at wrap with transcoded files color graded and hand over to post streamlines the entire process, and everyone is happy with the results. 

"Locations were all over town, Sometimes i would find myself in the movie theater setting up or on a operating table at the veterinary clinic, but with the mobile rocket and my monitor i was comfortable with what we could achieve in the field." -Nick DCM  

Even with all the locations and once a day company moves we were able to track with production and coordinate drive schedules for archiving the RED media along with color grades and transcodes easily.  Before production went into principal photography we organized drive schedules, created a custom workflow to fit into Bully's VFX pipeline and tailored the perfect DIT station that was; mobile and efficient, achieving maximum productivity.  



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